Whata does a z3 need for autocrossing?

Just a starting guideline, try 38 front, 44 rear. The pressure will increase as the tires heat up.

If you are running SCCA autocross, a strut brace will move out of Stock class, unless it is a BMW brace that was a factory option.

If this is your first Autocross, a strut brace is a waste of money. You'll need to run at 10+ events before the strut brace will make any difference in your time in terms of helping to make you more competitive. Spending $100s or $1000s in mods won't help if you don't understand how to drive. Rule number one: "In order to be fast, you have to slow down."

This is the order of "tuning" for autocross:
1. Driver skills
2. Driver skills
3. Driver skills
4. Car general tune up
5. Tire upgrade
6. Suspension upgrade
Pickerington , Ohio
I should say that I am not very good at autocrossing , but always enjoy it.
I have autoxed for 15 years. I will always need improvement on my driving skill. The reason that I asked is I have always autoxed big torque v-8's.{ corvettes and shelby cobras}
I do not run with the scca , too many cars { 120} . I run with the miata club { 20 cars } or ford club { 12 cars} . The rear seems to be soft, is this a simple spring fix?
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